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Call for Papers for The Biennial International Conference

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Call for Papers for
The Biennial International Conference on Malaysian Chinese Studies 2018



Since its establishment in 1985, Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies (CMCS) has been operating as a non-profit research institute for Malaysian Chinese society. Its research library contains over 100,000 publications, and several established special collection departments. It has organized numerous scholarly activities over the years. Besides the annually published Journal of Malaysian Chinese Studies, which is the earliest academic journal on the subject to be founded in Malaysia, it has also published more than a hundred of other publications, including books, monographs, and conference proceedings. Its active participation in academic discussion has helped promoted Malaysian Chinese studies as one of the significant branch of studies in the field of Chinese Studies around the world.  

Seeking to advance its academic endeavors, CMCS organized the first Biennial International Conference on Malaysian Chinese Studies in 2012 that focused on “Malaysian Chinese Studies” as a research theme. Today, the Biennial Conference has become a regularly held conference in every other year, not only serving as a platform for scholars around the world to exchange ideas, but also as a source of encouragement for them to continue investing their efforts in research areas pertaining to Malaysian Chinese studies.

Institute of Southeast Asia Studies of Sun Yat-sen University is one of the earliest research institutes founded in China that specialize in the research of Southeast Asia and Overseas Chinese. It began as Asian History Research Office of History Department, established in 1959, before it was expanded and renamed Institute of Southeast Asian History in 1978, and later renamed Institute of Southeast Asia Studies in 1987. The institute has published approximately a hundred of academic publications and organized more than 20 academic conferences since its establishment, through which it acquired international reputation. At present, the institute houses approximately 20 researchers, including professors and associate professors from Department of International Relations, Department of History as well as Department of Anthropology, who are also supervisors of graduate students at Master’s and doctoral level in world history, international relations and anthropology.

Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies and Institute of Southeast Asia Studies of Sun Yat-sen University will co-organize the fourth Biennial International Conference on Malaysian Chinese Studies in June 2018.

This is the first time that the Biennial Conference takes place outside Malaysia. We are certain it would facilitate further research collaboration between Malaysia and China, and enable international collaborative opportunities and even better scholarly interactions in the field of Malaysian Chinese Studies.

As the Southeast Asia region has the highest population of Overseas Chinese in the world, and it has always shared close historical and cultural ties with Mainland China, the need for understanding the present situation and the roles of the Chinese people in Southeast Asia becomes more pressing, following the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative. We believe the development of the two parties, at present and in the future, would become increasingly interlocked, and it would in turn promote common interests and progress in Chinese studies around the world.

With that in mind, the 2018 Conference has chosen “Southeast Asian Chinese Studies in Comparative Perspective” as its main theme, with focus on 5 sub-themes below:

1. The latest research and comparative studies on Southeast Asian Chinese
2. Research on Southeast Asian Chinese society, including its politics, economy, education, culture, religions and so on.
3. Issues, methods and research history of Southeast Asian Chinese studies
4. Impacts and implications of the Belt and Road Initiative on Southeast Asian Chinese society
5. Issues and challenges facing the bilateral relationship between China and Malaysia.

2. Conference Date
8-11 June 2018 (Arrival on 8 June, conference on 9-10 June, leaving on 11 June)

3. Co-organizers
Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies, Malaysia & Institute of Southeast Asia Studies, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, P. R. China

4. Participation
Research institute delegates and scholars specializing in Southeast Asian studies or Chinese studies are invited to participate in the conference. We expect around 40 participants.

5. Conference Language
Chinese / English

6. Abstract Submission
The call for papers is now open to scholars and research institutes local and abroad. Presenters are required to submit a 300 word abstract with title that is related to the conference theme and sub-themes to either of the addresses below before 31 December 2017:

1. Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies, addressed to Mr. Gabriel Poon: or

2. Institute of Southeast Asia Studies, Sun Yat-sen University, addressed to Dr. Yang:

7. Conference Fee
For presenters, while travel costs are not provided, accommodation, meals and other conference fees will be sponsored by the organizers. For attendees who are not presenting, travel costs and accommodation will not be provided. No registration fee will be charged for participation.

8. Registration
Once the abstract is accepted, participant will receive a formal confirmation letter from the organizers for visa application. Participants are then required to complete and return the reply form enclosed with the letter. Further arrangement, including contact, accommodation and meal are in charge by Institute of Southeast Asia Studies

9. Contact Persons:
Institute of Southeast Asia Studies, Sun Yat-sen University:

Fan Ruolan (
Niu Junkai (

Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies
Gabriel Poon Joi Wai
Chong Yin Wah
Contact No. : 603-22734035

Please complete and return the reply form after you receive the confirmation letter. Further details will be announced later. To stay updated about the conference, please visit the dedicated website for the Biennial Conference:


Registration Form
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